Abundance   +

A culture of scarcity is one in which one success means that all others fail. A dollar you raise is a dollar no one else gets. It pits individuals and groups against each other.

A culture of abundance is built from the belief that one person's success boosts another person's chances of success. When one innovative project succeeds, it draws attention, engagement and resources to others in the space; when one artist succeeds, it brings greater interest in other emerging artists.  Helping each other shorten the distance from concept to triumph benefits all of us.

Resources    +

Resources is often a euphemism for money. But resources are all of the things that we need to make an idea a reality. Resources address needs.  Money is a vehicle to obtain a resource, but many times what a project needs isn’t just money, it’s a space to hold classes. Or a wall to paint on, or the paint itself. Or a contact in city government, or an introduction to a property owner. Or expertise. Those are the kinds of resources I want to focus on, because in my experience those are the resources that are easiest to solicit in this community.

Diversity    +

Difference isn't better, it's essential. The more disparate communities are represented in this room, the more networks we bring access to, the more resources we bring to the table together. It’s a worthy goal but it’s also essential. A group of only musicians share the same needs. A group of local businesses is the same. But as diverse communities come together, their needs become resources for others. A jazz organization might connect with a restaurant looking to program a music night. A property owner may find an arts group for a mural project.


The All One City Network is "always open." First that means it is always open to the broader community: there is always room for new members who share the group's values. Second, it means members are always open to helping each other. Members should feel comfortable contacting each other any day of the week, not just in person at events. All One City is present and active when we are working with each other, not just when we’re all together in a room.